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The yourCEBA Washer Disinfectors and ONEcleaner Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaners cut costs.

The easy FOAM-it, soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner, lays down a thick blanket of long lasting foam to hydrate and remove all forms of surgical debris, including lipids, hard water deposits, and encrusted stains. The easy FOAM-it soaking enzymatic surgical instrument cleaner delivers highly concentrated enzymes and detergents for rapid cleaning action. When water is added to the FOAM dissipates providing a clear free-rinsing cleaning and conditioning solution. The easy FOAM-it enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners keep instruments moist, prevents bio-burden from drying encrusting endoscopes, inhibit bacterial growth, and prepare the instrumentation for reprocessing.

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Surgical Instrument enzymes alone do not clean surgical instruments. A combination of enzyme surgical instrument cleaners and surfactant detergents are necessary for optimal surgical instrument cleaning.

The UPS-2 HYDRIM cleaning solution delivers the surgical instrument cleaning detergents and enzyme cleaners are necessary. Surgical instrument cleaning detergents are necessary to clean the surface of surgical instruments while the enzyme cleaners break down soil, and all forms of surgical bioburden.