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The yourCEBA Washer Disinfectors and ONEcleaner Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaners cut costs.

ONEcleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners will cut your surgical instruments cleaning costs and deliver superior cleaning performance. Four enzymes are necessary for optimal surgical instrument cleaning. If designed properly, surgical instrument detergent enzyme cleaners can: remove proteinaceous bioburden from surgical instruments, dissolve mineral encrustation from surgical instruments, remove stains from surgical instruments, and enhance the passive layer of the surgical instrument stainless steel and lubricate surgical instruments. The UPS-2 enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners were initially developed to breakdown emulsified bioburden, within a chemical complex that is free rinsing, for residue free surgical instruments, scopes, and utensils.

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Surgical Instrument enzymes alone do not clean surgical instruments. A combination of enzyme surgical instrument cleaners and surfactant detergents are necessary for optimal surgical instrument cleaning.

The UPS-2 HYDRIM cleaning solution delivers the surgical instrument cleaning detergents and enzyme cleaners are necessary. Surgical instrument cleaning detergents are necessary to clean the surface of surgical instruments while the enzyme cleaners break down soil, and all forms of surgical bioburden.